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ESL forum > Ask for help > OT: DVDs working but no sound!    

OT: DVDs working but no sound!

United Kingdom

OT: DVDs working but no sound!
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have any idea why when I put some DVDs in my machine there īs a picture but no sound?!!  They īre genuine, not pirated by the way, in case you īre wondering. And the strange thing is that some DVDs when I put them in are absolutely fine. It īs driving me mad! I want to show my little one Toy Story and I can īt. Actually, there is some sound, some background music, but no sound for the dialogue. I imagine I have to go into setup and adjust something but it īs all gobbledygook to me!

Hope somebody can help. It īs driving me nuts!


25 Oct 2010      


Maybe it īs a question of zone : if you don īt buy your DVD in the same world zone, then you may have problems reading them at home.

25 Oct 2010     

United Kingdom

I don īt think it īs that as I always buy European zone DVDs. But thanks Chalco.

25 Oct 2010     

United States

Sometimes the DVDs are bad.  Otherwise you can sometimes correct the problem by changing the language choice (English mono, with/without Dolby, etc.)

25 Oct 2010     

Lina Ladybird

Just bring the DVD back to the shop where you bought it and make a complaint! They can either give you a new one which you can then try out at home, or they can test the one you have now with one of their own DVD players. If it works properly in that shop, there must be a problem with your DVD player at home...

25 Oct 2010     


Probably because the DVDs don īt have the "Language" option. It may only be in Spanish or English and not in both.


25 Oct 2010     

United Kingdom

Thanks for your help everyone but still no joy. They work fine on my computer though!

25 Oct 2010