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Reported contribution


Reported contribution

25 Oct 2010      



The moderator whose work you claim broke the rules did not. Her worksheet was reported and found to not be a copy in any way. Personally, even the fact that it was reported disappointed me enormously.

She is here because she is a valued member of this community who does not break the rules. Your account was cancelled because you are the opposite.


(Edited because Victor addressed it - the worksheet will be restored but hasnīt been yet.)

25 Oct 2010     


Hello again,
It īs sad to see you back claiming that MJ Misa made the same mistake as you.
You had whole exercises copied from other esl websites.
MJ Misa just had a couple of sentences (among dozens) matching other web page.
Clearly, it īs not the same.
This is not a good way to start a new account, I īm afraid.
You have a new opportunity in this website. Please, avoid previous errors and don īt accuse others just on revenge.
BTW, her worksheet is not available in the website now because it was reported, but most of the moderators are voting that it is not a copy, so Iīm sure the worksheet will be back tomorrow.

25 Oct 2010     

United States

can īt we all just get along?

25 Oct 2010     


Nanex for God īs sake, stop it.
We īve heard enough of your story by now, - at this stage I know the facts and complaints by heart.
Make a fresh start and don īt accuse others !!!

It īs so typical. People who get caught doing something incorrect and illegal, instead of being ashamed or mending their ways, point with outrage to others who seemingly made mistakes, too, as if that justified anything.
Just imagine we īre talking about drunken driving, or theft, or tax fraud, or whatever. What īs the point in wailing and pointing at others who did the same - does that excuse a drunken driver/ thief / a  .... (now what do we call someone who committed tax fraud? no idea!)

What do you expect? This is not the Day of Judgement, this is not a United Nations Court of law , you will find no heavenly justice here, ESL printables isn īt about earthly justice either.

You īll find a fair and explicit set of rules, a lot of common sense, lots of generosity and a bunch of very dedicated moderators who are doing a great job.

25 Oct 2010     


I can understand your frustration Nanex but enough is enough!

25 Oct 2010     

David Lisgo

I have seen a number of members who have lost their points, worksheets and accounts and many of them have come back with remorse and become wonderful sharing members of the great community. 
It always gripes me to think of someone with over 30 points, which have been gained from other people īs work, downloading 30 free worksheets a day. Yet I have great respect for other members who, even though they struggled, earned their points in dribs and drabs through their own efforts.
I checked Nanex īs worksheets and found them copied and I checked the moderator īs worksheet which had this sentence  "I looked it up in the phone book" which was supposedly copied. I Googled it and got 63,000 hits. This is often the case with short sentences but long sentences are invariably unique.There is just no comparison between the two situations, though in each case it is up to the moderators to decide.

25 Oct 2010     


Victor explained it clearly. Please drop it. I agree 100% with elderberrywine.


25 Oct 2010     

Czech Republic


once you add some exercises to your wss, you can upload them again. But people told you that in the first thread already.

I am sorry you have hard feelings against me, but I accept we are only human beings and I am not always in the mood either. My ws was also reported according to the links you provided. That īs OK, it īs up to moderators if it will be removed or not. But to make things clear: I have the ws in my comp and have already replaced the sentences in question. So I can edit the ws (in case it will stay) or upload it again (in case it will be removed) as soon as possible. Hope you are happy with this solution.

As Lina said earlier, you can start all over but this is not probably the best way.
I wish you a successful  new start and hope things will go on only good for you from now on.


25 Oct 2010     

Puerto Rico

i have a question?  can we create another account if the first one is cancelled?  i have always thought that once you are account is cancelled you cant come back....can anyone clarify that for me?

25 Oct 2010     

Lina Ladybird

i have always thought that once you are account is cancelled you cant come back....
If that would always be the case, why hasn īt Victor cancelled Nanex īs new account again? ;))
I think one is usually not supposed to open a new account once their old one has been deleted, however, in the end it īs up to Victor to decide who deserves a second chance and who doesn īt...

25 Oct 2010