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Dear fans


Dear fans
Thank you for downloading my worksheet, whoever you eight wonderful people are! See, I can contribute something useful once in a while. But just a note, I gave the top part of this worksheet to my grade 3s and they raced through it so it may be too easy. If anybody has a suggestion on how I can improve it, let me know.

28 Oct 2010      


How about correcting mistakes?
Mother said: Go straight to Granny īs castle.
Mother said: Please don īt talk to teachers.
Little Red Riding Hood said: Oh Grandma, what big toes you have!
Little Red Riding Hood said: I am going to see Santa. He lives in a house behind those trees.

best wishes

28 Oct 2010     


I can do all that except the Santa bit. My kids are seven, they think Santa īs a real person, not just a delicious milk chocolate figure on a stick. And Granny had humongous digits, didn īt she? lol

28 Oct 2010     


Wow! And who said Santa īs not real ? Hmm ?? Come on, Sunshine, you perfectly know your kids are right!
( As for Granny īs digits, I had to look up for humongous, first ;o)))
Thinking about it, that might have been the problem in the whole story ...Approve

28 Oct 2010