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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Halloween Puzzle has been removed????    

Halloween Puzzle has been removed????


Halloween Puzzle has been removed????



 I īm in shock because my contribuition Halloween Puzzle (466280) has been removed! SOMEONE (?) reported that it was a copy from a book!!! This is ridiculous! And I can prove it! I can send the pictures I took from the Internet. I wrote the names under each picture, I cut them and I pasted them on a sheet of paper. Then I scanned them. What rules did I break? Yes, it is scanned but I did everything by myself! I didn īt use any book! If I scanned a book, please can someone tell me which one including the page?

So, I īm afraid there īs been a terrible mistake and people should be very specific when they want to report something!

1 Nov 2010      

Lina Ladybird

If the ws has been removed already, we (the moderators) cannot check it anymore. However, Victor can restore it if you send him a PM telling him all that what you wrote above...
Or just upload it again stating the following (or something similar) in your description of the printable: I had uploaded this ws before, but - unfortunately - it was removed by the moderators even though I had created it myself from scratch. The picture is scanned indeed, however, I didn īt take it from any book or from the Internet; it īs entirely my own work.
This will (hopefully) stop other members from reporting your ws again!

1 Nov 2010     


If you took the pictures from internet, why did you paste them on a piece of paper and then scan it? Why don īt you create a ws on Word and upload it? With Paint you can cut images and paste as you like most. So you shouldn īt have problems...

1 Nov 2010     


I haven īt seen your worksheet, but maybe the pictures you took from the internet are not free cliparts, or are they?

1 Nov 2010     

Russian Federation

As regards free clip art, I īve found authorized cliparts when searching in English, but the same clipart collection was free when I googled the same pictures in Russian! 

1 Nov 2010     


please download worksheep to help me have point

1 Nov 2010     

Puerto Rico


you were told not to advertise so i hope no one download your worsheep

1 Nov 2010     

Lina Ladybird

The worksheets you uploaded are not your own work. One of them is not even in English! Please, try to contribute something you īve created yourself... Thank you.
You īll never get any points if you upload materials which you īve copied from other websites!! Furthermore, your account will be cancelled if you keep contributing stuff which is not your own original work.
PLEASE, read the rules of this website in order to be sure what is allowed and what isnīt:

1 Nov 2010