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Talk to Owners of Website

United States

Talk to Owners of Website
How do you contact the owners of this website?
Do they have a email address or something?
I went to F.A.Q. and that didn īt help.
Is there a way to add questions on the F.A.Q. page?
Please help!
Thank you, I guess.
N. Mason
P.S. I need to talk to the owners for my own buiness, so don īt ask why or stuff like that, because I won īt ask you about something I don īt need to know, but if you do I will just inorge it, because its all about respect.

11 Nov 2010      


Hi there,
Check out this page hit the contact button and there you go.
Good luck with your business

11 Nov 2010     


11 Nov 2010     

New Zealand

101 - in how not to ask for help??

11 Nov 2010     

Korea, South

Vickiii<- that īs a good one. haha

11 Nov 2010     

United Kingdom

Why do you need it?Censored That P.S was totally unnecessary, I don īt think anyone would have asked you anyway.... 

11 Nov 2010     


@ Crazy_turtle : without PS we wouldn īt manage to find out he has a business, right? So, it is not totally unnecessary! 

@tomcatdude: I just respect you for not asking us things you don īt need to know! Clap It is all about respect! 

 With all my respect,I guess 

11 Nov 2010     

United Kingdom

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious but
Thank you, I guess
is considered incredibly rude. You either thank somebody in advance or you don īt but thank you, I guess is almost grudging, I guess...

11 Nov 2010     

United States


You have an attitude problem and you also speak down to people here.
This is a group of dedicated teachers. No one here would dream of violating your privacy.
That goes without saying.

We also try and teach our students to be kind, polite and considerate - which is more than I can say for your message.

To write - thank you, I guess is downright rude. Thumbs Down
You īre lucky some of the very considerate people here tried to help you - because in my view - you don īt deserve it.


11 Nov 2010     


Well written, libertybelle!

11 Nov 2010     


I think we are being a bit harsh, English is obviously not his/her first language. I am not sure he/she meant to be so rude, maybe he/she simply choose the expression badly. (sounds like something google translate might come up with)
Just like the thing about the business. I suppose s/he meant to say that the reason for wanting to contact victor is private - none of our business.
I agree it sounds terribly rude and badly phrased but exactly because of that I think that maybe s/he wasn īt aware of how it sounds....
(the fact s/he didn īt manage to figure out how to contact victor would strengthen my theory)

11 Nov 2010