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ESL forum > Ask for help > Help With Finding a Song Please.    

Help With Finding a Song Please.


Help With Finding a Song Please.

Hi All, I need a song for my 3 year old class to sing at the end (closing) of a play, Stone Soup. It needs to show appreciation, gratitude, thanks or the advantages of sharing. I know itís a buggar but then thatís why Iíve asked for help here. Iíd really appreciate some input.

Many thanks. Iím sorry but in need to go to bed now so I wonít e around to thank you immediately.




11 Nov 2010      


Hey there:
I think that you could maybe have them sing the Sharing Song by Barney.  I have attached the link for you.  If you are having trouble getting it because of the firewall, let me know and I can send you the mp3 to your email.  The song is pretty straight forward and repeats.  Hope this works for you.  Thanks for your help the other day, BTW!
Cheers from Shanghai,

11 Nov 2010     


Fletsch - You īre the man and Manon (manonski (f)) you are a darling. Thank you both very much.

12 Nov 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Not sure what exactly you need, but, all the same, here are some links.
If any of them suits, try to google "STONE  SOUP "; there are some intersting things, depends on what you are looking for.
Good luck






12 Nov 2010