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Vocabulary question

Czech Republic

Vocabulary question

Hello, my friends, 

how do you call the person who is employed to check incomers to a building (a doorkeeper) in the school environment? 

Thank you very much


13 Nov 2010      


school guard?

13 Nov 2010     

Czech Republic

A janitor?

13 Nov 2010     

United States

A janitor cleans the building. A receptionist "greets" people as they enter a building, so maybe that is the word you need.

13 Nov 2010     

Czech Republic

Caretaker ( school caretaker)  .-)

13 Nov 2010     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

security guard :) 

13 Nov 2010     

[email protected]
United Kingdom

Hi Mish,

I work at a state school (zakladna skola) in Slovakia. We have one of these welcoming people. She sits at a desk just behind the main door, and her job is to welcome people and point them in the right direction. This is who you mean, right?

Unfortunately, I really can ´t think of the word you need. We just don ´t have them in England - you either go directly to the office, or speak to someone through an intercom. There ´s no ´welcome person ´ like you have here. Maybe ´porter ´, or just invent a new word - ´Welcomer ´ works quite well!


13 Nov 2010     


in our school we call them caretaker...

13 Nov 2010     

United States

Bruce is right, but nowadays we also have "security" or "door guards" in some of our schools.

13 Nov 2010