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ESL forum > Ask for help > Which one is correct?    

Which one is correct?


Which one is correct?
I really need your help. Thanks in advance!

look at this sentence:

One of the.................. in which we can help the recycling process is by saving our own waste.

a) methods
b) ways
c) things
d) means

I would choose (b) as the correct answer since it s the most common one, but I m sure I ve seen (a) and (d) been used in this structure (One of the ........... in which we can).
Is there any grammatical rule that would apply here? like say one of the means by which we can?
It d be great to hear your ideas.

14 Nov 2010      

United States

To be honest - you can use all of them - in my humble opinion.

14 Nov 2010     


b) would be the most natural answer. Methods more commonly collocates with by and means more commonly collocates with of or by (this is not a rule, just a very broad generalisation). Things does not fit here at all.

I don t know of any rule which would help - mostly English works more by collocation and collocation happens because people say something a particular way which then becomes the norm!


14 Nov 2010