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Homework by email


Homework by email

Has anybody have an experience of using email for written assignments? My students need more practice in writing, but instead of just normal written assignments I thought they could complete some homework on computer and send it to me by email at least twice a week. I only have 4 students with age range 8-11 at the moment and they love using computers. I thought they could: 1) find mistakes in a text, 2) correct punctuation, 3)write about their weekend, 4) write questions for the given answers, 5)answer to discussion questions, like debate...

Could you help me with more ideas, so that the whole process is manageable and meaningful?  And I would be grateful if you shared your experience if you did something like that before.
Thanks in advance!

14 Nov 2010      


Hi Zulia
I use this approach.  It is important for students to use the technology correctly.  Some of the things I do include:
1. informal e-mails
- friends and family
- with and without attachments
- correct e-mail ettiquette
2. formal e-mails
- school, teachers, work, businesses etc
- information, complaints, queries, bookings, interviews etc
- with and without attachments
- correct e-mail ettiquette
3. homework
- submit as an informal e-mail
- submit as a formal e-mail
You can do just about anything by e-mail.  Correct e-mail ettiquette is so very important and it sometimes takes a while for students to learn the correct ways, especially for formal e-mails.  I print their e-mails, correct them using a standard correction code list, give it to them and ask them to fix it and re-send it to me. 
Your students are young and this won´t wholly apply but you can adapt it to suit you.
I hope this helps.

14 Nov 2010