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Is it OK to change your username if you let people know through the forum and cafe (and include your old one in parentheses)?
I īm asking because I was thinking of changing mine to match the one I have on another website, just in case I also upload something there and somebody thinks it īs stolen.

Thanks in advance for your answersSmile

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

14 Nov 2010      

United States

I know that Silke changed her name.  I don īt see a problem.
Ask Silke Ladybird.


14 Nov 2010     

Czech Republic

You can change your user name as you wish, there is no problem with that.  Wink

14 Nov 2010     


I have changed my name many times ... but all the hiding was no use ;o)

14 Nov 2010     


Thank you very much, dear colleaguesSmile

I was just afraid I might be accused of causing confusion, that īs why I īve asked.

Have a great day!

Edit: LOL, Blunderbuster!

Edit 2: Oh, well, Iīve just tried to change my username through the "Edit my account" option, and there is the note "you canīt change this" next to my username...So, no point in asking in the first placeUnhappy.
So, Iīm stating this here, just in case: If you ever see a ws of mine uploaded here also uploaded here by hope82 (supposing I actually do upload something there), please do not think itīs stolen. hope82 is me.


14 Nov 2010     

South Africa

Hello magneto AKA hope82  Wink
Thanks for informing us.  Don īt you also want to add it to your ESL page, just to be on the safe side?  Maybe mention it as a description that you also upload somewhere else as hope82.  It īs just an idea.
Enjoy your week.

14 Nov 2010     


as long as you don īt change your avatar which I have grown to love... 

14 Nov 2010     


I also changed my username in the past to solve a problem with my PM. I kept the same avatar so people would still know it is me....
I also love your avatar by the way! It is probably a good idea to keep the same avatar at least for a while so people can get used to the new name...

14 Nov 2010     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

I īve changed my name once (initially it was īkkcat ī only ) but i thought it was too impersonal, so I added īKate ī to my username :)

14 Nov 2010     


No, I īm afraid you can īt do that now. When you try to change your username, you get "can īt be changed".
A big hug,

14 Nov 2010     


Thank you all for your replies, dear colleagues!

Not planning on changing my avatar Elderberrywine and Marion GWink

I think I īll just take Joey īs advice and add that username to my profile information.

Thanks again!

Nighty-night everyone!

14 Nov 2010