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help with explaining idioms


help with explaining idioms
Hi dear collegues,
I beg your help..
I am preparing a sheet on the song "hey Jude" because one of my students requested it. One of the exercises will be about the idioms used in the song.
(match the idiom to meaning) Could you help me write an explation (in very easy English) for:
To let someone into your heart.
To let someone under your skin.
and now for the tricky part, in such a way that it shows a difference (in simple English)
I would appreciate your help.

20 Nov 2010      

United Kingdom

Hi Marion
To let someone into your heart= to allow someone behind your emotional defences, to begin to like someone in a way that they become part of you
to let someone under your skin= to allow someone to be so close as to begin to irritate and annoy you
i hope this helps

20 Nov 2010     


To let (her) into your heart: Open yourself to someone and show them who you are and what you really feel.

To let (her) under your skin: in the song you refer to, I think this means basically the same as the above; it s not the same as get under someone s skin (which means bother or bug someone) because it will make things better . BTW, some claim this is a reference to heroin use.

More at this site or here about the meaning of this song (seems to be a song written for Lennon s son to get over his parents divorce). Never thought about the meaning of this song before.

20 Nov 2010     


Thank you both so much, it was very helpful.
Philip, the site you suggested is very useful!

20 Nov 2010