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I ve got a problem with "sorry"! A colleague of mine says you can t say: "Sorry if I m late"; according to her the correct form is: "I m sorry if I m late." I thought both were possible. Could someone help me? Thanks in advanceBig smile

21 Nov 2010      

United States

If you say - "Sorry if I m late" that means you are not sure if you re late or not.

(If you KNOW you are late - you say "Sorry I m late" - or I m sorry I m late)

In spoken English we often drop words - so you CAN say "sorry if I m late".

both are correct - one is just the whole sentence, yours is the spoken form.

21 Nov 2010     

United Kingdom

I agree with Libertybelle.  It s the same in the UK.

21 Nov 2010     


Therefore, if the sentence is in a letter, even if informal, it s better to write "I m sorry if...", isn t it?

21 Nov 2010     


If you arrive late somewhere, I d say  Im sorry Im late, Sorry for being late or I m sorry for being late .

Like LB said, Sorry if I m late means you re not quite sure if you re late or not. I dont really see why you would write or apologize in a letter. Or do you mean Sorry for my late reply/Sorry for replying so late?

21 Nov 2010     


Personally I hate it when people say "I m sorry if I hurt you" (example John Lennon s song) Because it could imply I didn t really hurt you. You just took offence to something!
Someitmes my husband says it and I could kill him!
Cheers Joy

21 Nov 2010     

United States

Would you go through w/it Joy? Are you sorry you wrote that? ;-) Ed

21 Nov 2010