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[email protected]! P


Can you tell what happens to Intonation in yes/no questions and -wh questions?

Could you draw the intonation lines in the sentences below? Or at least see if it is correct?

 Please help me

3 Dec 2010      


Hi! In wh-questions we have falling intonation and in yes/no questions the intonation is rising. In the first case, the voice goes from a high level and falls on the last lexical item. In yes/no questions, the voice goes from a low level and rises on the last lexical item. I hope you understand me. Good luck!

4 Dec 2010     

Czech Republic

Yes, Gise, you’re right. Wink Nevertheless, it is "only" a lexical rule and the thing which is sometimes confusing to students (and maybe to teachers as well) is that there is also a context of the situation and the speaker wants to put stress on some words, ie. (s)he wants to emphasize something and the intonation can be slightly different. IMHO.
                          Have a nice veekend, all dear colleagues.

4 Dec 2010     


you ´re right. Depends on the speaker ´s intention.

4 Dec 2010