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Dianna Madrigal
Costa Rica

Thank u maayyaa, it was very interesting. But I need more practices or exercises about multiple intelligences. I have been looking on the net, but it seems to be difficult to find activities. I have the theory, but lack of activities. The thing is that tomorrow I will have to give a speech of TWO HOURS about the topic to many teachers of my county... Please somebody help me!!!

7 Dec 2008      


Try this:
I hope it helps.

7 Dec 2008     


Hi Diana!! For the last few weeks I´ve seen your ""appeals" posted in the forum on this topic and I myself sent you the information I had at the time. However, there is something bothering me... Your requests on the very same topic are getting all the more demanding. Not only are you always asking for more, but you´re also doing so on the spur of the moment. You seem to forget the purpose of this site, which is to share and not to do somebody else´s work.  In my opinion, what you´re doing is not asking for help, but asking others to do your work for you! FOR TOMORROW, NO LESS!!! I´m sorry if I sound rude to you, but that´s sth I am not! I just CANNOT GO ALONG WITH THIS!! Please give it some thought.

7 Dec 2008     

Dianna Madrigal
Costa Rica

Hi mena22! First of all thank you for your help. I am so sorry I bothered you, it was not my purpose. Right now I have a very difficult economic situation, so I have 3 jobs to help my family. I have many different compromises, but I am not trying to get all the things done. I, myself did my research and right now I have a PPT of about 70 slides. (Which I am planning to upload here when ready) But I am still asking for help because I have a lot of theory and few activities, and maybe because I´m so busy, anything comes to my mind. I know for sure that there are many persons with wonderful ideas here, and as you said, I didn´t forget the purpose of this site: it is a matter of sharing... It is not your fault that I have to work so hard, and that my time is very limited; but I have also helped many persons in this site. I am not expecting you to feel pity of myself, I am just giving you an explanation to  reply your comment. I hope I can help you sometime. Best wishes.

7 Dec 2008