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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Word of the Day Winner!    

Word of the Day Winner!

United States

Word of the Day Winner!
Congratulations to Marion G., our Word of the Day winner! For those of you who missed it, here is her brilliant daffy-nition of xerostomia:
Ok, you obviously need to be Dutch to really understand this...
Both a certain familiarity with the broad mindedness of the Dutch as well as the Dutch language is required to really understand this term.
This is the Dutch (late night) version of America ´s funniest homevideos
X = short for X-rated
eros = does this really need explanation?
stom = Dutch for ´stupid ´
ia = indicates a collection of sorts
So, as is abundantly clear now, it is a program which offers ´bloopers ´ from erotic movies, things like the bed breaking, the leading lady bursting out laughing as her partner undresses and gas escaping at inopportune moments... you get the idea. It is aired after the very popular "stom-stommer-stomst" (stupid-stupider-stupidest) which offers simply funny videos, more appropriate for the entire family. The name xerostomia is purposefully unclear to avoid akward questions from the kids searching the tv-guide for teletubbies screening times...
Porn movie outtakes is a much more interesting definition than the real one: abnormally dry mouth.

18 Dec 2010      


Embarrassed Thank you for the honour...
I ´ll look for a new WOD and post it soon....

18 Dec 2010