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ESL forum > Ask for help > Word Clouds - Wordle - How to save the picture?    

Word Clouds - Wordle - How to save the picture?

Czech Republic

Word Clouds - Wordle - How to save the picture?
I am lost, please help me! I can īt save the word clouds made on this page:

How do you save the word clouds? Do you "printscreen"???

22 Dec 2010      

Olindalima ( F )

Hi dear Jana

At least 2 options
1 - click Print and then before printing choose the option SAVE AS PDF

2. Save to the public gallery and you get a code to paste on a blog or moodle or web.

3. ( Nopt sure )  Make a print scren nd work it out.

Hope you manage - I always save it as PDF

Good luck

22 Dec 2010     

Czech Republic

Thanks a lot Linda! I have just tried the "PrtScr" key and it works...
It saves the whole screen to the clipboard but I can cut the unnecessary parts out when I copy the picture into Word/ paint program...
It works well...

Thank you!

PS: The picture was heavy so I had to resize it in MS Paint after all...
It was 200 kB then but it fitted into the ESLP size limit so I didnīt change the resolution again...
Word clouds are really cute!

22 Dec 2010     

Olindalima ( F )


Love you.

Please, upload your new Cx printable. It īs never late for Cmas.

23 Dec 2010     


You can also use a screen grabber. I use the screen capture function in my image viewing programme Faststone (freeware).

PS: MS Word has a Crop option for pictures you insert. Just select your picture and click on the Crop icon (in the middle of the Picture Toolbar which needs to be visible). Iīm still using Word 2003 here (couldnīt be bothered to retrain because before you know it there will be yet another new version available).

23 Dec 2010     

Czech Republic

Thanks a lot for your tips!

23 Dec 2010     


here is a tutorial:
Have a nice day

23 Dec 2010