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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Number of sheets in a download - shouldn´t worksheets be one download?    

Number of sheets in a download - shouldn´t worksheets be one download?

Abigail Gilbert
United Kingdom

Number of sheets in a download - shouldn´t worksheets be one download?

There seems to be a discrepancy in whether people upload all pages of a worksheet as one item, or load them all separately.  If I have a worksheet with more than one page, I put it all up as the same item, so people only need to use one download point.  After all, itīs all the same worksheet!  However, sometimes I notice that a worksheet is Part One of several, and each single page will īcostī me one download point.  This means it can take a lot of points to get a worksheet which could have been uploaded as one.

I know there is a maximum size limit for uploads, but shouldnīt we be uploading worksheets as one item if itīs possible?
Iīd be interested to know peopleīs thoughts on this.

8 Dec 2008      


Dear Abigail,

Some people usually upload wss separately because of their size. Even Victor suggests it. Here you have the quotation:

IMPORTANT: the maximum filesize is 300Kb. If you have a larger file, you could try this:

- If you have more than 1 worksheet, try to divide them in different documents.
- If your document includes images, try to reduce the size and quality.

8 Dec 2008     

marcia chaves

Dear Abigail,
when the file is too big, itīs impossible to upload it.
So ... we NEED to ipload the worksheet separately. If you take a look, you will see that part one + part 2 + etc will be bigger than the maximum filesize  (300Kb).

8 Dec 2008     


Hey there:
I think what Abigail was saying was not about the size limit, but about worksheets that are done in 3 parts (for example) that together would be much less than the 300kb size.  Therefore, a member would split 1 lesson plan that was 3 pages long into 3 separate worksheets to maximize their points (3 dowload points instead of just 1).  I donīt agree with doing this unless your file size is too big.  If your worksheet is going to be more than 300 kb, then of course you must split them up...
Cheers from China,

8 Dec 2008     

New Zealand

Unfortunately there ARE many who are uploading each page separately. I commented on a guy worksheet yesterday on the chocolate one who had uploaded 5 different pages for the one activity, but there was next to nothing on each page. I said to him that he would be better off points wise to delete it and resubmit it as one download as there are such great printables these days, who is going to spend 5 of their points for one thing unless it is really super?He didnīt, and he ended up getting no points overall as no one downloaded it.

The flash cards too. Does anyone actually make A4 flashcards? I know I would be tempted more to download flashcards if there were at least 6 to a page and maybe more than one page in the download if the pics were good. I can then re size them to make them bigger or smaller. But sorry to those members, I am not really going to spend 10 points downloading 10 flashcards with one pic on each of them. It would be just as quick in reality to make them myself. There are some awesome worksheets that DO need to be split up, Menaīs sometimes with the key as she has put SO MUCH content into her 4-5 pages that you can see that it is necessary. If more of us made the effort to put as much as possible into our 300kb and doing the things like reducing the pic resolution etc, then instead of over 500 pages to look through every day there would be less and everyone would essentially have more points to spend as well as you would not be spending 5 on one thing... just a thought. I agree completely with fletsch on this one.

8 Dec 2008