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stolen worksheet


stolen worksheet
I just donīt see why one can create a worksheet with one mouseclick by copying a site we all have access to on the internet. Others spend hours creating our own ws. Iīm not against using pictures, we all  do that, but is it legal to just copy a finished family tree and publish it as a ws? 

8 Dec 2008      

United Kingdom

If the worksheet was just a copied picture from the internet with no changes made, then it wouldnīt be allowed. 
However,  if you use a picture and make up exercises to go along with it, then itīs ok.  At least, this is what Iīve always understood. 
And the worksheet you are referring to has a page of exercises so a worksheet has been created using an image from the internet. 

8 Dec 2008     

Mar (itxasobcn)

What worksheet are you talking about? Please, let us know.

8 Dec 2008     


Yes, I agree with Katz76, but maybe nurja is referring to Mafalda_25īs ws. I guess the right solution will be to report the printable and kindly ask Victor to remove all those stolen worksheets (and their supposed "creators") from the site, but I guess  Victor may be too busy at times to deal with all the reports!
It might come useful for Victor to appoint a claim officer who could take care of checking the reported ws and cancel some peopleīs accounts...

8 Dec 2008     

United Kingdom

Thanks anusca
But Mafalda has made an excellent crossword to go along with the image - the crossword is in part 2 - probably because it was too big to upload it in one part.  So two people have made two completely worksheets but just used the same image. 
Sometimes during workshops, we have all been given the same image or text and asked to design new materials from these.  And it is amazing how many different worksheets you can come up with using the same image.  On this site, there are some fantastically creative people and I donīt think that itīs bad for two people to have used the same image as long as the worksheets are different - which they are.  We all use google to look for images so I donīt think that itīs unusual to see worksheets using the same ones. 

8 Dec 2008     


Sorry Mafalda! How unkind of me!

8 Dec 2008     

Im Lety


A good idea is ask before pointing out a person...If you took the time to post so many comments about mafaldas and smsms worksheets... It would have nice to ask them first in aprivate message about your concerning...Dont you think?...Im pretty sure mafalda did not was the creator of that royal family tree, you saw it before and you
thought smsm stole it...If you go to google you will find thousands of images for free...The ones you cant download  are the ones that have copiright...We have to be very careful before write something to aperson...Remember we are people with fealings and sometimes we hurt them, most if we do this in a falsely accusation...GreetingsGeek

8 Dec 2008     

New Zealand

I donīt have any problems with the images that are used, because we all source our images from elsewhere unless we draw them ourselves! So unless the actual activity with pictures has been a straight copy and paste from elsewhere I donīt have a problem. Its the actual written content. For example one picture can be used 1000īs of ways. But if you straight copy and paste a page (ex pictures and activities) from the internet into word and then say its your own, then that is just plain wrong.

As is blatantly downloading and then resubmitting anotherīs members work as your own. When it comes to creating activities I think we need to write our own questions and activities, as soon as you scan or copy from a book, then the activity is not yours no? There just seems to be so many people doing it or trying to do it at the moment, surely as teachers we are meant to be honest?? It makes me wonder what sorts of people we have in our schools actually.

Victor had the most amazing vision with this website and we cannot let the attitudes of the minority spoil what is essentially a wonderful community of awesome caring and kind hearted teachers!

8 Dec 2008     


hi everyone,Hug
Iīm sort of a freshman here but it did struck me when I noticed a ws composed of two scans from a book which I used some time ago. Unfortunately Iīm not sure about the title. And, surprisingly, no one reported the fact. And what makes me even more cross is that I spent 2-3 hours working on one thing and some other member (not so new, though) took a book and copied two pics plus added two short instrunctions and a frame.

Or maybe itīs only me looking for a problem where there is none. :( Does it count as oneīs own creation or not?

10 Dec 2008