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United Kingdom

Dear teachers,
Based on your own experience with curriculum you are using currently, Could you please answer the following questions " To what extent  the culture of the students is represnted in the curriculum they are studying? Are the aspects of their culture reflected in the curriculum and your instruction?
I m required to write a compare-contrast essay on these issues
Thanks in advance for your help and support

4 Jan 2011      


well, I always try to  use what they know, then add elements to that. For example, to work on the lesson plan "crime investigation", i will start with images taken from tv series like CSI, then move to what the people in the TV series do, and finally I will use that in another context.
is it what you re looking for?
have a nice week!

4 Jan 2011     


From my experience, students culture is not represented in the curriculum very well. The books that I use with my students include topics that are supposed to relate to students interests such as internet, films or music. However, such lessons get old quite quickly and for example they include articles devoted to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt while my teenagers are interested in Robert Pattison or Zac Efron. The same thing was with the songs. Books for teaching English usually include songs that represent English culture such as The Beatles etc. which sadly are not attractive to the contemporary teenage students and therefore most of the books that are accessible in my country have resigned from including songs in the books.
Therefore sometimes, if time allows me, I prepare lessons on the subject that students choose or ask them what they are interested in and prepare materials corresponding to their needs and my aims. However, with the curriculm that I have and the time I have I can t do that often.
I hope my answer helps you.

4 Jan 2011     


I find that here in France they use too much American and British culture to the point that my students know more about American history than I do (I m Canadian). I teach university students so I don t see any of that stuff but my students tell me about the books they used in highschool and it s all about Rosa Parks, the boston tea party, cowboys, hip hop culture the Beattles etc. My students probably have twisted ideas of what Americans and the British are like because of what they learn about them. I agree that the students can t relate to any of it but it s also good that they get some culture and history. I don t believe that I have to use my students favourite actors in lessons in order to make the class interesting or fun.
Good luck with your paper! And don t hesitate to give me a shout on Facebook (username: speak english kids) if you d like to discuss some more.

4 Jan 2011     

South Africa

In Korea, yes, Korean culture is definitely reflected in the Korean English syllabus :)

4 Jan 2011     


In Ukraine we often compare or contrast holiday traditions, popular entertainment, eating habits, etc. (I mean our own with/to those of the English-speaking world)

5 Jan 2011