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ESL forum > Ask for help > A topic for 5th grade students - primary level    

A topic for 5th grade students - primary level


A topic for 5th grade students - primary level
Hi my friends I īm here to ask you for some help once again
I don īt know what topic is great to teach, exactly for 5th grade students...in this case it īs a model class and the principals (adults, of course) will be the students, they will act as children...I mean I want an interesting topic...they told me to present a class (today) and it īs for tomorrow :( :( I don īt know what to do...I run out of time
Desesperately...ideas don īt come to my mind
What can you suggest?
Regards and hugs

5 Jan 2011      

manonski (f)

My students like sports and extreme sports.
They also enjoyed my theme about Guinness records.

5 Jan 2011     

Czech Republic

You should have written the level, I have no idea how often ss in your country learn English...
I suppose they are A2 - higher elementary - low pre-intermediate...

hobbies, (household) chores + likes and dislikes

various expressions such as
I love, I really like, I like... very much, I don īt mind, I am interested in, I am absolutely crazy about..., I am mad about..., I spend all my time ...ing, I am fond of ...ing, I don īt like ... very much, It is not my cup of tea, I really can īt stand, I am fed up with ..., ... drives me crazy, ... really annoys me, I detest, I hate ...
Draw / download pictures of smileys
Ss pick up one smiley card and form a sentence.

Part two -   If sentences
I will .... wash the dishes.....   if  you ....vacuum the floor....
Use the list of household chores from activity one and ask ss to work in pairs and agree who is going to do this and that...

Part three - room description + comparatives
ss describe one room in their house, s2 draws a picture
ss compare rooms or things they have at home - My tv set is larger than yours. Your room is smaller than mine. Our house is newer than yours...

5 Jan 2011     


Thanks you so much for your help

5 Jan 2011