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I need your opinion

Saudi Arabia

I need your opinion
There are many countries ´ names have the same names as in Arabic e.g. Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Bahrain but with little different pronunciation . The difference is in the Arabic letters that are not found or pronounced in English language.
As you know each language has its own sounds. In Arabic these countries are pronounced differently like Bahrain
as in
Now when we teach English in the class and different countries are mentioned in passages, sentences ...etc. , What should we say the English letters as pronounced or as we say them  in Arabic ?? ; I mean the specific letters that has the difference pronunciation in the same name of the country ???
Thanks a lot in advance,

5 Jan 2011      


good evening . in my opinion,I think you should teach them in English. According to my experience in riyadhschools for boys I think the ss should have the English pronounciation, otherwise, you r teaching  Arabic.

5 Jan 2011     


As a translator, I would advise you to pronounce the words the way they are pronounced in their original language. For example, when we read in English the French word "cafe", we pronounce it "cafe". The same thing applies to the Spanish word "Hola" or any other thing. What don ´t we try to teach our students how to pronounce the words the same way they are pronounced in the original language.

5 Jan 2011     


Hi all,
I agree with Troush, because we teach English not Arabic unless we say names of persons, like Mohammad; we say: محمد
Thanks for sharing!

5 Jan 2011     

United States

I would teach the English way.  Example:
The German city of Köln is called Cologne in most the rest of the world.  If I am speaking with someone other than a German and say "Köln", they will have no idea what I am talking about.
I had some Greek friends that used to ask if I had ever been to (what sounded like) Monaco--they meant Munich (German "München").  For years I couldn ´t figure out why they thought we could drive through Monaco to get from Italy to Central Germany.
and don ´t even start with the different names for the city of Florence.

6 Jan 2011