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Looking for song about logistics


Looking for song about logistics
Hello everyone,

I īm starting with a class next week Tuesday with intermediate adult students three of which are spezializing in logistics and 6 in wholesale, but I have to teach them in one class.
Now - for the first teaching block (120minutes) I think it would be great to start with a song (+ worksheet of course). Can you think of any song that contains a lot of vocabulary relevant to this target group? I īve been searching Google, but "logistics + lyrics" hasn īt been of much use so far. Tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Mietz

12 Jan 2011      


Dear Mietz,

why not try out  the "Lorry Driver Song" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBQsroSyWrY&feature=related or lyrics: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mobile/radio/radio1/parody/ )?

By the way - Cornelsen has recently published "logistics matters", also containing the new Incoterms. They sent me a free sample some weeks ago, maybe you can still get one, too?

Best wishes,

12 Jan 2011     


Hiya Mietz!!!
Sonja has been helping - I īm not. Just saying hello& how are you doing, dear friend ?
Sorry for the ... bracket-thing.Big smile
I īve just logged in - the forum is .........so . gloomy!!! Some will say it is quiet! LOL
But so boring! Jesus! So boring!
Enschuldigen zie mir, bite!
( From me old memories!!! I wish you could correct me on that one! Thx!!! in advance!)

12 Jan 2011     


Thanks everybody for your help so far - to Sylvie, too ;-)!
I īm still looking at some of the links. And just for those who might be interested, the commercial "That īs logistics" is pretty useful, too. Maybe a bit short, but certainly hard to get out of your head again...

Further suggestions - even far fetched - will be appreciated!
Thanks Mietz

12 Jan 2011     


I promise I īll search for you , but not before the week end ;o)))
Thx for your pm, dear friend!!
Sylv ī

12 Jan 2011     

United States

How about "Take This Job and Shove It!"  by Johnny Paycheck?  Big smile
Otherwise, Dolly Patronīs "9 to 5" is a good all a round working song--the movie was funny too.

12 Jan 2011