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A song for ...
Hello my dear friends ..please I īm here to ask you for some advice...
Well, I have a class with 3rd grade - primary level this Friday and I have to teach "Jobs"...and the problem is that I don īt have a song or a rhyme to start the topic...Can you tell me about one nice idea to warm up? Well, if you have a song with the topic or with the structure: What do you want to be? please let me know
Write to me please or send me a pm
I will wait for your help and thanks a lot for being so helpful
Regards and thanks in advance

12 Jan 2011      

manonski (f)

There is a song called "If I were not upon a stage". It presents different categories of jobs. I tried finding a youtube video and this is the best I could find.
Here are the lyrics I found:
You could have your students invent other lyrics to other kind of jobs and they could all sing the song.

13 Jan 2011     


Manonski, such a great video, I loved it! it looks like so much fun for the kids!!!!
I have "Jobs" coming up soon with my ss, and you have given me a great idea!!!
Thank you!!!

13 Jan 2011     


Yes i agree the video is really great, I would show it to my ss and of course I have an excellent idea for my ss to perform itį

Thanks a lot Manonski

13 Jan 2011     

Russian Federation

There is a good song "Jobs" on www.britishcouncil.com/learnenglish 

13 Jan 2011     

United Kingdom


Our suggestion would be Shania Twain īs Not Just A Pretty Face. The songs mentions lots of different jobs. This has worked very well in class in the past.

We īve compiled a table of song suggestions for teaching various topics at TeflTunes.com, which you may find useful for future lessons:


We īre adding to this all the time, so please feel free to contribute some ideas!

14 Jan 2011