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Which word do we use ...?


Which word do we use ...?
Hi again,
Today I have another question. Hope you can help me again.
This time I am looking for a word or expression.
One of our language exam consists a type of task when the candidate has to talk about a question for about 3-4 minutes. S/he has 10 minutes preparation and has a small text to the question. Buts/he can īt use the summary of it, and can īt quote from it while s/he is talking about the chosen issue. During the preparation s/he can take notes, but it is not allowed to read it out. So it has to be a complex "small speech".
So, ....
Could you tell me the correct expression or word to this "small talk". I found
* student īs/candidate īs presentation
Do you agree with me? Can I use this expression here?
Thanks in advance.
Have a nice day.

13 Jan 2011      

United States

I think I would call it a "presentation" or "oral presentation" (student īs/candidate īs is also okay to add to it).

13 Jan 2011     

United States

I agree w/Douglas. Small talk is like chit chat when you talk about nothing in particular or nothing really important.

13 Jan 2011     

United Kingdom

Dear Susan,
In my College in the United Kingdom, during the Speaking and Listening Examination, our students give a īSpoken Presentation ī, or an īOral Presentation ī.
So, yes, it could be a īSudent īs Presentation ī.
"Would you give your Presentation, now, please?"

13 Jan 2011     

United States

I belonged to a speech club in college, and we used to do improvised speeches with even less preparation time than your students have. (Of course, we used our native language, which helped a lot.)
If you want to encourage your students with humor, find some clips from either the British or American versions of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Just search on You Tube. They have both been off the air for many years, but I still miss them. The British version was better than the American, but both were well worth watching. Totally hilarious!

13 Jan 2011