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ESL forum > Ask for help > How do you read this date? 25th December 337?    

How do you read this date? 25th December 337?


How do you read this date? 25th December 337?
I know I should know how to read all dates, but now I can ´t remember how to read the year when it ´s got only three numbers.
Thanks in advance

13 Jan 2011      



You say: the twenty fifth of December three hundred and thirty seven.
Best regards

13 Jan 2011     


I agree with isa2

13 Jan 2011     

United Kingdom

I take it that it ´s three three seven AD (or CE), but what ´s so special about this particular date, Yolanda?

13 Jan 2011     


I would say: 
Three thirty-seven  [AD, CE or BC] - this is my choice- it ´s the shortest.
or Three hundred and thirty-seven.

13 Jan 2011     


´three three seven ´ or ´three thirty-seven ´ BC,BCE,AD,CE LOL  might be short but IMHO it isn ´t very clear. Most people do expect a 4 digit year so in order to avoid people thinking they must have missed something, I would go with Isa2 and say ´three hundred (and) thirty-seven. ´ just for emphasis.

Almaz: It probably has something to do with the first Christmas since it was around that time Christianity was declared the official religion of the Roman empire... Historians shoot me, that ´s what I remember from different tours and explanations... and that would make it 337 AD then I suppose Smile

14 Jan 2011     

United States

I ´m with Apodo on this one

14 Jan 2011