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Can you help me, please?


Can you help me, please?

How do you prononunce the past tense form ate?

I ´ve seen in some of my dictionaries two different pronunciations - /et/ and /eit/.
Which pronunciation is more common in Great Britain?
Can you write any words in which we prononunce /e/ in the same way as in /et/  Thanks in advance …

16 Jan 2011      


/eit/ is more common. When people say /et/, the "e" is rather long. 

16 Jan 2011     


ate: eight gate late mate.
et: let met bet set get
I think which is most common depends on which part of Britain a person comes from.

16 Jan 2011     


May I ask another question: in which parts of GB do people prononce /et/? Thanks a lot.

16 Jan 2011     

United States

This is an informal survey that speakers answered when asked about their prounciation of the wod ate. Although anecdotal, it lists the locations of the speakers.


I tried to find an isogloss map online, showing where the /et/ sound prevails, but was not successful.

16 Jan 2011