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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Model Lesson - Intermediate ss - VIDEO - Present perfect simple/continuous    

Model Lesson - Intermediate ss - VIDEO - Present perfect simple/continuous

Czech Republic

Model Lesson - Intermediate ss - VIDEO - Present perfect simple/continuous

Sroll down and click on the video.
You will see a "model" English lesson of intermediate students (99% is in English).
Textbook - Success Intermediate
Students are probably 16 or 17 years old. They have been studying English for at least 7 years twice or four times a week (1.5 hour - 3 hours weekly). They attend a Grammar School (5th grade). They will graduate at the age of 19-20 in their 8th grade.

What do you think about this lesson?

I think the pace was rather fast. I would recommend to revise the perfect tenses for more minutes...

16 Jan 2011      

Mariethe House

I think the teacher speaks too much and the students don īt get enough occasions to speak! She certainly can speak good English but she does not provide enough situations  to elicit  a more complex expression from the kids. They never , at any point used the preent perfect or just to answer yes or no questions!
Sorry for being so negative!Embarrassed What do you think of it, ?

16 Jan 2011     

Czech Republic

Yes, you are right. The students didn īt have much time to speak... The teacher explained that she had another 3 lessons on perfect tenses after this one. Still I think there was too much information for the students to remember.
Later the teacher realised the topic wasn īt the ideal. THe students suggested FACEBOOK as an alternative topic and it was a great success...

There is another link for those who can understand German...
Quite different approach.

These students are 3rd GRADERS!!!  (compare with the 7th graders of English) I cannot believe it, their German is SOOO GUUUT :-D
I had 4 years of German, I forgot almost everything but I was able to grasp the meaning of most sentences. They were practising conditionals, would, might etc. They tried to guess the dreams of 4 people, then they read the texts and repeated the information several times...

They were making some mistakes but they WERE ABLE TO say what they wanted to say with or without mistakes. They were not shy to speak... It is surely the methods of this teacher which help them to learn so fast...
I don īt know how many lessons they have every week but German is their second foreign language. So I suppose they have 1.5 hour a week, maximum 3 hours...

When I was learning German, I usually said 10 sentences during a lesson. The teacher explained grammar in Czech, then we read a text, read some fill in / translate exercises and that was that. No pair work, no group work, no debate whatsoever...


17 Jan 2011