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Looking for penfriends!

little rat

Looking for penfriends!

My students are 11 to 13 years old and I ´m looking for penfriends for them (mails or letters).

I ´m not necessarily looking for students from an English speaking country. Other ESL students would be perfect. It would make them understand that if they can speak English they can communicate with people from all over the world.

Please contact me if you ´re interested or if you know someone who would.


Little rat

23 Jan 2011      

Russian Federation


I have a student of 8 years old. She is eager to have an e-mail friend. She ´s been learning English for 3 years and can use Present Simple, Present Continuous and Past Simple. Soon we are going to start learning Future Simple.

may be she can be an e-mail friend for 11 years old student?

Best wishes


23 Jan 2011     

Mariethe House

Try to contact this member: She is really great and reliable!

  Her name is "Tentere" and she is from Latvia.

I had kids write to her pupils last year and they loved it!  Tell her it ´s from meSmile

( Being retired, I can ´t carry on the correspondance!)

23 Jan 2011     


I ´d love to do that with my students. The fact is that we ´re on holidays right now. We ´re starting in march. My students will be 12/13 - 15/16. I ´ll save your message and perhaps in april or so we can get in touch, if you and your students are still interested. Hugs.

23 Jan 2011     

little rat

Thank you so much for your quick replies!!!
@ Mariethe House I ´ll do that
@Vivilui Why not?
@funtich1 I was more looking for groups of students, sorry. However, I teach privatly to a 9 year-old. She ´s bright and she loves communicating. Would you be interested?
Thanks again!
Little rat

24 Jan 2011