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Any suggestions

United States

Any suggestions
One of my jobs is an afterschool academy.  One class has no real interest to do anything.  I have to keep making them read from the book to get them to talk at all in English.  About the only thing they have shown interest in is a game that I call the bomb game, they call it Typhoon or Hospital game.  Here is a short list of activities I have done with little interest.
Battleship with sentence structures (They did like "The teacher is fat and should lose weight" sentence.)
Map wars  (two teams one picks a location and through questions the other team searches for the location.)
different types of Jeopardy
Create a comic strip (only 2 in the class even tried)
Competition dialogues for prizes
Favorite thing/memory/trip.  (past tense, present tense/future tenses)
So any other suggestions.  For 11 to 14 year old students ranging from little to high level English.  It is a 2 hour class.

24 Jan 2011      

United States

Here īs something that might work, you can modify the stories to make them more gory or personalize them to the students and their local surroundings/personal likes.
Or you could try the Sam Kinnesen method:  "SAY IT!!! SAY ITT!!!"

24 Jan 2011     


The DJ saved my life...

No seriously, I have pulled a few classes up from total disinterest and disintegration by doing songs. I started with just reading and translating the lyrics to popular songs together and slowly moved onto songs I would choose which enabled me to work on specific vocabulary and / or grammar structures. IMHO it is crucial to use songs they would listen to outside an English class, so nothing too childish (no Barney or Sesamy street and definitely no songs written especially for ESL learners since those are sure to get a frown if they are already motivationally challenged...) It is also possible to use the music videos to do video sequencing exercises etc. (just write several key sentences of what happens in the video, mix the order and have them put them back in order...)

It īs worth a try!

24 Jan 2011     

United States

Good idea Marion,
Here īs a challenge Roney.  Teach them the lyrics to Eminem īssongs from the movie "Eight Mile" and then let them watch the movie again.  The problem with the international (foreign language)versions of the movie is that the song text isn īt translated and the main story in the movie is told through the lyrics of the songs.  If it clicks, you could keep them busy and motivated for months

24 Jan 2011     

United States

On the first suggestion here is the types of competition dialogues:
1st was a scary story
2nd murder mystery
3rd where you want to go for the holiday
All three got little interest.
But might use a bit of that discussion as a reading point.
On the music thing, have been directly told can not do that or TV programs.  Might have to take it to my boss īs boss.
I am not sure about doing the Eminem story.  Don īt feel it is appropriate for the preteens in the class.  Granted it is a nice fictional story that shows some of the hardships living in a poor American neighborhood.

25 Jan 2011