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Alyona C.

One of my students asked me to tanslate the titles of her pictures for a contest. I ´m not sure about articles. Could you help me, please?
1) Creative workshops or The creative workshops
2) Life movement in the course of time (with time?) or The
life movement in the course of time (with time?)
One more question - do I need capital letters?
Thanks in advance.

27 Jan 2011      


Hi Alyona,
It sounds that you are talking about captions on photographs or pictures taken by a student of yours. Captions are somehow short. They have two or three words. So, I think that using capital letter here is a good choice , like:
1- Workshops of Creativity  2- Current Life Movement, if she means that these movements or daily routine activities are current. You could say: Current daily routines, if this describes the picture accurately.
Hope this will help you.....
Hope that  our native English friends help.
Good Luck!

27 Jan 2011     


a) When we use the words in a general sense, we do not use the article ´the ´ ( ´the ´ is only used if we have mentioned the word before, and therefore would not be suitable for a title).
b) Abstract nouns do not usually take ´the ´, (except in the cases mentioned in a))
So, you could have ´Creative workshops ´ as a title -general- or ´The creative workshops (that took place on January the 14th or in Calgary, etc. ´
I would not use the article in ´Life movement... ´ as it is generally meant.
You do not need capital letters in captions, but you would use them in titles. So it ´s up to you to decide what is a caption and what a title...
I hope this helps you. Please ask if you need more help.

28 Jan 2011