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Help with a translation


Help with a translation
Hi! I m translating a document for one of my colleagues who is in charge of Comenius. Could you please tell me if this sounds right? Thanks!!!
Our school is named after the village, Gelida. It is a small town which lies in the mountain. It has got around 6,000 inhabitants. It is about 40 km far from BCN where you can get either by car or by train.

31 Jan 2011      

United Arab Emirates

Hi there. . . .

It makes sense to me, but I would just say that:

"It has around 6,000 inhabitants, and is about 40 km from BCN.  It is accessible by car or train."

Perhaps it is just me, but I was always taught to say has instead of has got.


31 Jan 2011     


It completely makes sense.

31 Jan 2011     


Dear Abba,

One of my translations teachers motto was "keep it simple". I think your text (which, broadly speaking, is correct) could sound more natural:

Our school is named after the town it is in. Gelida is a small town (pop. 6000) in a mountain area, 40 km from BCN. It is easily accessible by car or train.

I hope it helps. By the way, I was in charge of the Comenius project in my school last year, so I had to write a lot of texts like this ;o)

31 Jan 2011     


Thanks a lot for your kind help!!!!!

31 Jan 2011