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six year old


six year old
Good morning, I have been asked to give private tuition to a six year old boy who has been living in England but has now moved back to Germany. So he can already speak English but the mother just wants me to make sure he does not lose it. Any ideas on how to keep a little boy interested in talking to an old fogie like me? Confused
I will try to play games or read with him but I am sure that will soon be ´uncool ´ for a little fella. How can I keep him interested. Any ideas???? Thanks  Yeti x

1 Feb 2011      


My child used to have lessons like that, but she started them at the age of four, and it worked well. The teacher played with her, told her stories. She had these lessons for 3 years and wasn ´t bored at all. At this age playing is essential Smile

1 Feb 2011     


I am giving English and French lessons to  my grandson ( We started when he was six) I wrote a detective story in chapters and he is still interested. Children like to learn at this age. We read something, play games and than, he makes his own stories about the subject we have studied, using the new vocabulary. I make him draw and write.

1 Feb 2011     


stories, songs and lots of games - movement, sounds and senses, kids are all about that... maybe some pic-word matching with capitalised letters...
try some of these for ideas and texts...

1 Feb 2011     


Here some good sites too:

1 Feb 2011     

United States

There is a language school here in the area that I hear does things like cooking with the children.

1 Feb 2011     


Do some crafts too. The instructions are in English and you two can chat while making things.There are so many craft websites.You could link it to you story or lesson theme.

1 Feb 2011     


try this one for starters

1 Feb 2011     


Thanks everyone. I had computer problems yesterday so could not answer you all. I met the little boy yesterday and he is so nice. I am sure we will get on fine.Big smile Thanks alot for all you great help.
Hugs Yeti xx

2 Feb 2011