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ESL forum > Ask for help > Question about writing an address    

Question about writing an address


Question about writing an address
Hello dear colleagues,

I m a little bit perplexed and I need your help. The thing is, I m confused about the correctness of writing an address (correct order). In English speaking countries the order is:

number of a house/street/             24 Castle Street
city/                                                 Lancashire
post code/                                       LK 6

and in Germany the order is:

 street/number of the house/          Green Str. 24
post code/city/                                 50900 Koeln

My question is, when students write a letter or an application, in what way they should write their own address according to the English variant or the way it is in home country???

Thanks in advance for your help!!!! Have a nice day!!!!

1 Feb 2011      


I m afraid this is a matter of cultural colonisation. My humble opinion is that you should always write your address in the form it is written where you live - imagine the poor Spanish postman trying to make out the different conventions for addresses depending on where the letter comes from.
Another thing is having students understand and practise addresses in English - you can use made-up addresses with a new identity, so as not to sound too absurd.

1 Feb 2011     


Hi Julia*

There are a variety of different formats and it also depends on whether you are sending the letter domestically or internationally.

A useful site such as this provides info for different countries: http://www.bitboost.com/ref/international-address-formats.html#Formats
Hope it helps.

1 Feb 2011