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Martin Luther King

zeina monzer

Martin Luther King
hello everyboby,
 I am teaching my students about discrimination and we ´re discussing racial discrimination and talking about Martin Luther King.
what i want is a name of a movie that talks about racial discrimination 
thanks in advance

1 Feb 2011      

United States

Mississippi Burning
In the heat of the night

There are lots of documentary films about MLK

1 Feb 2011     


The Hurricane (1999)
starring Denzel Washington

1 Feb 2011     


In Victus

1 Feb 2011     

United Kingdom

You ´ll find a fairly comprehensive list on racism-related movies here from Wikipedia (perhaps you ´ve already checked it). I recognise most, but not all, of these films and some (like ´White Chicks ´, for example) rely on different racial/ethnic perspectives primarily for humorous purposes.

By the way, many of the films of the English director, Ken Loach ( ´Ae Fond Kiss ´ on the list), deal with different and equally repugnant forms of discrimination.

PS ´Invictus´, Alberto. 
(it means ´undefeated´)

1 Feb 2011     

Olindalima ( F )

Try googling Rosa Parks, an icon.

1 Feb 2011     


I have a worksheet in my documents. You can download it. It´s about Rosa Parks. And a good movie  is "CRASH on limit"  That´sa grea movie about discrimination. 

2 Feb 2011     


Invictus is the best in my opinion, besides the leading actors are very well known to students Matt Damon (the Bourne Ultimatum) and Morgan Freeman. What ´s more they are exposed to a different accent, that from South Africa. I just loved it when I watched it myself.
Morgan freeman plays the role of Mandela another great contemporary black leader just like Martin Luther king. 
If you are also interested in reading a lovely poem conected with tolerance plase look for "The Box of Crayons". If you want, I can send to you and to all other collegues who want to deal with this value.
Love from Argentina

2 Feb 2011     

Mr V

If your students are above the age of sixteen I would recommend District 9. It is an action packed sci-fi movie and it ´s based on the history of South Africa and the apardheid times. Invictus is not too bad either.

2 Feb 2011