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Costa Rica

three hours ago, I found this word "educand" I am confused as I haven īt found it in my dictionary. so, I ask you, does it exist?

1 Feb 2011      

Greek Professor

Hi napster

educand (plural educands)

  1. Someone who is to be, or is being educated

1 Feb 2011     

United Kingdom

Effie, are you sure about this? Itīs hardly a regular/common word (pseudo-Latin gerund, analogous with īgraduandī...?). How/where would you use it?

More to the point: when Adalberto (īnapsterī - the japester: check some of his earlier posts - this is his 4th account, I believe) comes up with questions like these, he very rarely gives the context. Heīs not really serious - heīs just saying īhello, remember me?ī.

2 Feb 2011     


Effie īs definition is from Wiki but when I checked OED as the reference it says word unknown so either napster misspelled it or Alex has made a good point

2 Feb 2011     


  It`s a very formal word used by functionaries when discussing school and university Ss.    

2 Feb 2011