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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > lack of living idols?    

lack of living idols?


lack of living idols?
Hello everybody,

Just wanted to ask your opinion about something. Recently, I īve had a lesson on stars and idols. It was a group of 12-13-year-olds. I asked them to choose a living person they admire and would like to meet. And NOBODY came up with a name! I tried to suggest names of famous actors, singers or other popular people,still nobody they admired. So I said it could be somebody who is no longer alive. And there was no problem. They even had a problem deciding which would be better!!!

So my (rather philosophical) question is: Are there really no living people who may become idols for young people nowadays? Or what is it? Maybe the exercise I designed and the question I asked wasn īt good? Why didn īt they choose anybody who is still with us?


13 Feb 2011      


Hi Kasia,
I īve done that in class as a starter for a lesson and had no problem, they all had someone they look up to and would love to meet ... the problem is precisely who they chose : singers and/or actors who are not the ideal role models for teens, people who use drugs all the time, some are known to be violent ... not really the best for them to admire ! Some, a few I īd say, chose a president or a politician ( ? ) but noone really "admirable". So I guess the question was ok, but nowadays teenagers - not all, of course - need a lesson about values, instead of English !

14 Feb 2011     


Dear Alicia,

Maybe you īre right,next time I īll suggest people like presidents or "charity celebrities". Thanks!


14 Feb 2011