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Game with words

Czech Republic

Game with words
Hi, I �d like to ask you for your help.

I have been looking for this game for a long time:
Students are divided into groups, one person of each group will quess words. Each group will recieve a packet of cards, there are written some words, f.e. bird. They have not only to describe this word but there are written words, which cannot be used (in this case f.e. sky, sing, animal).
Don �t you know where I could find this game? Thanks for your help :-)

15 Feb 2011      


Hi Matule,
It �s called Taboo.
You can find several versions here:
Hope you can find what you need and have a nice day.

15 Feb 2011     


Hi Matule
I play Taboo with my students, but I have them make it.
I start by explaining the concept, and I have a few example cards ready to demonstrate it with volunteer (stronger) students.
Then I put the class in groups and they have some time to make THEIR OWN Taboo cards while I circulate offering help and advice.
Twenty minutes later, we �re ready to play.

15 Feb 2011     


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