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What is the word?


What is the word?

Dear friends,

I need your help please. What word can we use to express that a file from your computer has mistakes on it because you were creating a new document but you were not using a new format, you were using an old one and you typed everything on it to crerate your new one....
Do you say you overlapped this document? or what is the right word please?
Thanks a lot!

19 Feb 2011      


Hi Diana,
do you want to say you overwrote it? The new document taking the place of the old one, so you only have the new file, but the old one is gone? Im not sure if I get this right, though...  if I do, the word is "overwrite".
Have a great weekend! =)

19 Feb 2011     


Hi Mate,

imo, overwrite is the correct word if you create a new document and you save the file with the document  that is already exist and has the same format. the new format for ms office is .docx and the older one is .doc.

if you open (not creating a new document) an existing document and you edit it (simply i can say continue your work/writing) and you save it into the same name, i guess it s not an overwrite.

Smile :)

19 Feb 2011     


Do you mean that you opened an old Word document to use as the basis for your new document but you pressed save instead of save as by accident, thereby losing your original document?
If so, then this is something many of us have done, and we then kick ourselves for doing it.  I don t know what it is called (apart from what I call myself when I inadvertently do it) but if you look here they use the word overwrite/overwritten.

19 Feb 2011