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ESL forum > Ask for help > funny videos for junior high.     

funny videos for junior high.


funny videos for junior high.
HI teachers!! =) do you know the title of interesting and funny videos for students ?? they are junior high !! ..so i can use these videos when i have extra tiime or simply to reward students when they are working well. I found "the annoying orange" which they really enjoyed and laughed a lot. There īs another one about a ventriloquist who appears with a dummy called achmed. SO nice video!! but i mean..i would really appreciate if you guys could suggest more videos!! thanks a lot!!! =)

20 Feb 2011      

Puerto Rico

i dont know the ones you mention but you can try america īs funniest home videos  an download them from utube

21 Feb 2011     

Korea, South

http://sendables.jibjab.com/ is what my coteacher uses. The students really have fun watching it. If you don īt have internet in the classroom, then video capture it on the screen. Hope you like it.

21 Feb 2011     

United States

Have you thougth of changing it up with new and old videos?  I don īt know the ones you mention.  I also use the videos between classes to show other English accents besides my own.  Dr. Who for England, The three Stooges for older American English, Simpsons more modern American English as three examples.  Even clips of shows especially if it has focus on something I am teaching in the classroom.  I have even used commercials.  Not allowed to actually use them or songs in the actual class time in my main school so just during the classroom break.

21 Feb 2011     


Why not try a few short films like these

21 Feb 2011     


love your videos PhilipR, especially the Raven!!!

21 Feb 2011