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Good morning from Peru:
Well dear friends is it Ok. to say My suitcase was BURGLARIZED.
Thanks a lot.

25 Feb 2011      


Hello :-)

I think that usually we describe a place as being burglarized (e.g. a home or shop)--when someone steals something from it: My home has been burglarized.  All of our money and jewelery has been stolen.

For an item that has been taken I think the better word is stolen.

25 Feb 2011     

United States

I agree with chriss except that "the suit case was stolen" implies that the whole suitcase was taken. If someone went through your suitcase and took things they rifled through it and stole something.

25 Feb 2011     


Thanks for your answers I get it now.

25 Feb 2011     


... or ransacked - my suitcase was ransacked (stuff missing). 
Can also use with house - my house was ransacked (although burgled is stronger).

26 Feb 2011