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Help with the song

Russian Federation

Help with the song

Hello to everybody)

I wonder if somebody could help me find lyrics to the song "I like school" by Peter Weatherall. I want my kids to sing it to the guitar.


4 Mar 2011      

Olindalima ( F )

Not sure if this is what you need. Have a look.


4 Mar 2011     


Hi FeyaN,
I couldn´t find a complete song on the internet, just the beginning on kidsinglish.com:

I like school, and as a rule, I go there every day.
I study in the morning, then I go outside and play.
I like to go to school, every day I really really like to go to school.
I carry round…

Then the song stops, sorry ... in case you can send me a file, I´d be glad to help! =)

No, hang on, found some more on amazon:

.. and pencils I lend to all my friends
I like to go to school, every day I really really like to go to school.
I study Maths and Science, and History, English literature and Geography
I like to lie in bed, and sometimes…

Have a great weekend! Best wishes, Elisabeth. =)

5 Mar 2011     



5 Mar 2011     

Russian Federation

Hello, Tanya))

5 Mar 2011