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ESL forum > Ask for help > specially or especially?    

specially or especially?

om aziz

specially or especially?
Hi dear colleagues!
I woul like to know the difference between Specially and Especially.
As in the sentence"with the help of specially appointed experts" how shall I explain it to my pupils?
Thanks in advance !Have a nice day!

8 Mar 2011      

United States


8 Mar 2011     


specially /ˈspeʃ. ə l.i/ adverb ( also especially ) VERY
1. extremely or in particular
This is a specially good wine.
"Is there anything you want to do this evening?" "Not specially."
The children really liked the museum, specially the dinosaurs.
specially /ˈspeʃ. ə l.i/ adverb ( also especially ) FOR ONE PURPOSE
2. for a particular purpose
I came here specially to see you.
She has a wheelchair that was specially made for her.
especially ˈspeʃ. ə l.i/ adverb ( also specially )
very much; particularly; for a particular reason
She īs not especially interested in sport.
I chose this especially for your new house.
They invited her to speak especially because of her experience in inner cities.

I hope this has helped you

8 Mar 2011     

om aziz

thaaanks a lot !your answers are so helpful!I īm so grateful!

8 Mar 2011     


You are most welcome my friend

8 Mar 2011