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Dear colleagues. I need your  advise to help my pupils to find composition easy and to enjoy it. They are 10 years old. They  find it very difficult to write paragraphs. I used a very simple form for them  just to complete sentences. But when I asked them to write a paragraph of their own they didn īt finish it.I have 40 pupils in class.

8 Mar 2011      


Hi, I would suggest finding a topic that they are very enthusiastic about first.  I found that hitting the right topic made even the most shy pupils open up....  Once by chance I focussed on "favourite cartoons" and they happily told me stories from the first to the currents series!

If it īs not something they would willingly talk about in their own language, they won īt even begin in English.

How about current things that they might be excited about, such as carnival, Easter (and eggs!), or computer games...?

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

8 Mar 2011     


do it in another way. group work can work. and don īt limit their imagination. kids like writing about their heroes, monsters and such things. 40 students can be in group of 5 or 6 but not more than this. you can distribute each group coloured papers and after completing the activity, you can exhibit their works in the classroom. they like it and it will be easier for you to assess 8 products instead of 40. 

8 Mar 2011     


How about brainstorming the topic on the board before writing so they would have some prompts to build upon. 
You could also use a picture story. Ask them to order the pictures first. Give hints (like a chart of some kind) on the tense forms they are supposed to use in the story. Give a list of word combinations to go with the story. Ask them to sort the word combinations according to the pictures before they write the paragraph. Good luck! My ss have the same problem regardless of the age.

8 Mar 2011     

Puerto Rico

i use this to help them develop if u need it i have it in my blog for free

8 Mar 2011     


Thank you all Handshake

9 Mar 2011