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ESL forum > Ask for help > UK TESOL qual from 1990    

UK TESOL qual from 1990


UK TESOL qual from 1990
Hi all
Iīm trying to reseach the current UK (and then Ozzie) equivalent to this:
1990 Associate Diploma in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Langauges (TESOL). Sheffield City Polytechnic and Trinity College (joint), London, UK.
This person has lost their transcript and all they have is the actual award.
Does anyone have any ideas?  Trinity and Sheffield arenīt responding and apparently they canīt even provide duplicate transcripts from that far back (Moral of the story: donīt lose your transcript, ever)
P.S.  Does anyone know Lesīs user name?  I thought it was Idthemagician but that doesnīt bring him up.

8 Mar 2011      


Can īt help you with the research but I think Lesīs user name is Idthemagicman


8 Mar 2011     


Yep, thatīs it Maria - thanks heaps

8 Mar 2011     

Olindalima ( F )


hope you can find some magic around.
Sorry, I, for sure , can help you

8 Mar 2011     

United Kingdom

Hello Jayho, (and Maria),
Thank you for your interest.
Jayho, I am replying to you by Private Message.
For the record, my Username is "ldthemagicman", in lower case letters.
What does this represent?  "LD the Magic Man", (NOT ID).
Why?  Because my name is Leslie Douglas, (Les), and I am, (in addition to being a Teacher), a professional magician, whom everyone calls "The Magic Man".
You may possibly ask: "Are you famous?"
I can modestly say that, some years ago, I performed magic, in a restaurant, for the Sovereign of a famous Asian Kingdom.
I did a 10-minute Act for the family group but I received only lukewarm applause.  I gave them my card.  As I left the table, I distinctly heard this imposing, dignified, well-dressed gentleman say:
"Well!  If Les Douglas is a Magician, then I īm the King of Siam!" 

8 Mar 2011     

United States

LD...LOL.. all this time I thought it was id... an ego thing Les. I shouda known better. Ed

8 Mar 2011     

Olindalima ( F )

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww Les

I knew there was some magic thing around.

Do you Really do those terrible things, I mean, do you saw people in two BIG , HUGE pieces and then they come back on stage all in  A ONE ?.

God . I lost my time in high school,
GRRRRR, so many things around  and I kept on memorizing useless things.

Les, whenever you need a partner , well, I never faced such a terrible thing like a saw in front of me . god, it would be a terrific experience.
If you need, let me know, I īll talk with my insurance and .........


Les. for you, the more musical magic I know


Thanks, Wizard

8 Mar 2011     


Wow Les - I īm impressed - I īd love to be in your classroom with all that magic around.
 You must get the most brilliant results.
Look forward to your PM.

9 Mar 2011