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ESL forum > Ask for help > Crossword puzzle generator?    

Crossword puzzle generator?


Crossword puzzle generator?
Dear colleagues,
I īd love to include homemade crossword puzzles and "word searches" in some of my worksheets.
When I īve tried making my own crosswords with the help from various websites, however, I haven īt been able to copy them and put them into a word-document.
Can someone recommend some good pages which can help me do that?
Thank you!
Smile Karina

9 Mar 2011      

Olindalima ( F )

You can always make a print screen and then use some paint/draw application to cut just the picture you need and save it as a Jpeg.

Hope it helps

9 Mar 2011     



I use this for making crosswords and you can download it free



This site is very good for making word searches

9 Mar 2011     


Thank you both.
Oh, my computer skills.... Will have to read up on how to make a print screen.
Maker1, have been using eclipsecrossword.com but have never been able to put made I made into a word-document - but I guess thatīs where the print screen comes into the picture...
Thanks! : )

9 Mar 2011     


OK, I learned how to make the print screen - and it īs working perfectly!
Wheeeee! Smile   Thanks so much!

9 Mar 2011     

Czech Republic

Hi Karina,
you can copy paste the eclipse crossword in Word document!
First save it as a picture

When you have the crossword in Eclipse Crossword software, save the crossword and go the the TAB "Publish Crossword"
click on Exporting the puzzle grid: "Windows metafile (WMF)"
give it a name and save it
click on the crossword.wmf and copy it (ctrl+c)
open a Word document
insert it, paste the crossword - ctrl+V

You have the crossword grid in your document.
you may save the clues as well and copy them in your new document...

BTW the crossword grid is EDITABLE!

9 Mar 2011     


Oh... Great! Thank you so much! Thumbs Up

9 Mar 2011     

United States

Maker1...Thanks for posting the link to the free x word puzzle maker. Ed

9 Mar 2011     

Czech Republic

Please note that Eclipse Crossword Maker may WORK WITH TXT wordlists.
You may IMPORT long lists of vocabulary you already have.

If you you have a vocabulary list with clues in Excell table, copy the list to plain Text Editor and then into a blank Word document.
Now you have a plain list of English words followed by a "tab space" and clues.

Now go to "Find and Replace" CTRL+H
and fill in:
Find: "^t"
Replace by: ":  "
click on "Replace all"

Save your new Wordlist as a plain text. (txt file)

The txt wordbank file looks like this:

; EclipseCrossword word list
; Get EclipseCrossword free at:
; http://www.eclipsecrossword.com

bed:  you sleep in
break:  you cannot walk because you b.... your leg
candy:  sweets, lolipop

(if you have a vocabulary list where words and clues are divided by ";"
then  do this:
Find: ";"               Replace by: ":  "             click on "Replace all"

You have a long word bank prepared to be used in Eclipse Crossword Maker and you don īt have to type the words one after another...


10 Mar 2011     


Thank you very much, moravc. It always makes me so happy to see how helpful people are!!Hug

10 Mar 2011