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ESL forum > Ask for help > plz, I want to know how to build a crossword puzzle    

plz, I want to know how to build a crossword puzzle


plz, I want to know how to build a crossword puzzle

10 Mar 2011      


You may try this: http://www.puzzle-maker.com/CW/

10 Mar 2011     



I use www.puzzle-maker.com. Then I just copy + paste the crossword in a Word document, insert two text boxes under it and copy + paste the clues in them. You may need to adjust the size of the puzzle a bit in your document. Experiment with it a bit - you īll get the hang of itSmile

P.S.: You may want to check out this forum thread as well for more suggestions.

Good luck!

10 Mar 2011     



10 Mar 2011     

Czech Republic

There is a free software for making crosswords:
ECLIPSE CROSSWORD http://www.eclipsecrossword.com/
It works with lists of vocabulary you have already created. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMQqwlJ0e78
Just convert the excell tables or word documents into a plain text in this way:
apple,  teacher īs favourite fruit
banana,  monkey īs favourite fruit
The crossword is editable in MS Word and it provides the clues and the key.

When you have the crossword in Eclipse Crossword software, save the crossword and go the the TAB "Publish Crossword", click on Exporting the puzzle grid: "Windows metafile (WMF)", give it a name and save it.

You may IMPORT long lists of vocabulary you already have.
Copy the list to plain Text Editor and then into a blank Word document.
Now you have a plain list of English words followed by a "tab space" and clues.

Now go to "Find and Replace" CTRL+H
and fill in:
Find: "^t"
Replace by: ":  "
click on "Replace all"
Save your new Wordlist as a plain text. (txt file)

more software and free websites for making fun puzzles:

10 Mar 2011