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ESL forum > Teaching material > First lesson with 5-7     

First lesson with 5-7


First lesson with 5-7

I have the first lesson with 5-7

they can read well

the topic will be " Farm animals"

 i dont even know the children"s names

what shoul I do????

which ex should i use ??

give me please  the examples of games ((

15 Mar 2011      


Olga, I sent you PM with some simple ideas.

15 Mar 2011     

Czech Republic

I also sent you a PM or you can play this simple game which is very popular among children:

Each child chooses one animal card and fixes it on his/her clothes. One child is in the middle of the circle and is holding a towel. The teacher starts and calls out one of the words. The pupil with the towel runs fast to the child that was called out and tries to slap him/her with the towel. If he succeeds, this child gets the towel now. However, he/she can save himself/herself by calling out another animal before he/she is slapped. In this case the game goes on until someone else is slapped.

15 Mar 2011     

Czech Republic

Or this one:

The activity is very similar to the previous one. Children also sit in the circle and each child chooses an animal name. One child is in the middle. He/she calls out two or more of the animal words and these children must change places. If he/she says: “ZOO”, all children must change their seats.Also very popular. Good luck with your lesson.

15 Mar 2011     


Perhaps it can help you https://picasaweb.google.com/Soniasnucelo/EnglishStoriesForKIDS#

15 Mar 2011