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Hi evrybody,
Some months ago someone provided a website in which children children tell stories. I jotted down the website but I can ´t find it now. Does anyone remember the web? It was fantastic cos there were videos of children telling stories in an entertaining way.
On the other hand, do you know a good short video about environmental problems for my FCE students?
When a student finishes his / her homework in class, which sentence should (s)he say? Some say "Finish" but I have always correct them "I ´ve finished (cos it is a recently completed action). However, yesterday I was flicking through a book and I came across this expression for the same situation: "I ´m finished". Is it right? As far as I know, I thought this expression is used when the teacher thinks students should have finished their homework by then, as in "Are you finished?".
Thanks in advance.

20 Mar 2011      

Mariethe House

Yes! It was from our priceless BaibaSmile
Here is the link:


20 Mar 2011     


Very practical link, thanks Mariethé.Hug

20 Mar 2011     


Very practical link, thanks Mariethé.Hug

20 Mar 2011     

United Kingdom

Both ´I have finished ´ and ´I am/I ´m finished ´ are commonly said in the UK.

21 Mar 2011