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Information on A Rescue

Greek Professor

Information on A Rescue
Good Evening to all...
After doing some searching and came up with nothing to my liking I thought I would ask you all for some help.
I have an elementary class aged 10-11. I have a speaking lesson on A Rescue
I like doing my lesson using the IWB. So I was wondering if anyone knows or has something fun, colourful, of course vocabulary is welcomed so I can put it together for my students.
I hope I have made myself clear.
Thanks in advance.

20 Mar 2011      

New Zealand

If it is to be speaking based- why not make up some cards with situations that have rescue situations on them that need to be acted out.

First talk about people who help us/rescue us
eg: police, firemen, coastguard, swimming coastguards, ambulance/paramedics, air rescue teams, mountain rescue...
Then  discuss and write up what types of rescues these people do in their jobs.

Lastly use the pre-made situation cards they can do some drama.
It could be done in small groups of 3 or so and they have to make a very short drama about the situation on their card. At the end the other students have to discuss WHO rescued them and what the situation was.
eg: you wouldn t have firemen rescue people on a sinking boat in the ocean.... This would tell you if the students really understood the different roles that different rescue teams have.

Extension idea: Writing a radio news report about the rescue. Students write the report for their situation and then are recorded as news reporters. Then they can listen to it. I have done this and it went extremely well!

20 Mar 2011     


Last year we had a seminar at my school (3rd Experimental School of Evosmos) on the topic of "First Aid" . I would be glad to send you my compilation of pictures which you could use in order to help them create a story. Imagination is all they need.

20 Mar 2011