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ESL forum > Ask for help > Children who have got problems with concentration    

Children who have got problems with concentration


Children who have got problems with concentration
Helo! I tutor a 8 year old girl but I have got problems with her. She is unable to be fully focused during my lessons. It is very easy to distract her. When her mother does not force her to study she is not willing to do it on her own and when finally she has studied sth she does not remember it very long. However, when there is a need she can do that. I do not think that she suffers from ADHD or ADD but it is very challenging to make her study. Could you give me some pieces of advice how to make her more interested in learning the English language and how to make it more effective. a few examples or tasks which would help me while dealing with her.
Thank you in advance.

20 Mar 2011      


I also tutor a girl the same age and although she has no problems with concentration she hates english and she just didn īt want to learn it. I try to make her like our lessons, so I prepare a lot of games for her - I use dominoes, some snake and ladder board games or even card games and the results are great. I don īt have any problems with her anymore, even if we have to do something boring she stays focused. I suggest you do the same - at the begining you may have to work hard to make her focused, but it gets easier with time. :)

20 Mar 2011     

Czech Republic

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20 Mar 2011     


Thank you for your advice I`ll try take advantage of it :)

22 Mar 2011